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8 Best-Practice Strategies for Taming the Third-Party Beast

8 Best-Practice Strategies for Taming the Third-Party Beast

Between supply chain disruptions related to COVID-19 and recent, high-profile data breaches like SolarWinds, third-party risk is menacing organizations like never before. While security, procurement, and risk management teams are banding together to take on the threat, many find third-party risk management (TPRM) to be a monster in and of itself!

Please join Nasser Fattah, former Managing Director for Information Security at Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, for a best-practice webinar on taming the TPRM beast. During the presentation, Nasser reveals how the TPRM is like a mythical kraken that you can harness to “put the squeeze” on vendor risk.

You’ll learn strategies for systematically wrangling each “tentacle” of TPRM, including:

  • Assembling an effective cross-departmental TPRM team
  • Standardizing questionnaires and technology for consistency
  • Streamlining internal procedures for speed and efficiency
  • Prioritizing and analyzing risks for better decision making
  • Selecting the best KPIs for reporting to stakeholders
  • Ensuring TPRM program repeatability and sustainability
  • ...and more

Whether you’re looking to establish a new third-party risk management program or want to check your existing strategy against a best-practice framework, this webinar provides essential guidance for taming your TPRM beast.

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