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6 Ways Data Protection Impacts Third-Party Risk

6 Ways Data Protection Impacts Third-Party Risk

The pace of new and updated data protection regulations has created a convergence of privacy, security and compliance obligations. The spotlight on privacy and data governance now shines brightly on 4th and Nth parties as well, which will require many organizations to improve their risk and supply chain processes.

Join Linnea Solem, founder of Solem Risk Partners, for a webinar that:

  • Highlights of key privacy and data protection regulatory trends that impact third-party risk
  • Summarize key implications of EU Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) to due diligence, third party assessments, and risk monitoring
  • Reviews assessment and remediation strategies to mitigate data protection risk in your supply chain
  • Outlines the implications for the C-Suite – from both the outsourcer and service provider perspective
  • Discusses reporting requirements and data protection frameworks
  • Offers steps to simplify and harmonize processes across multiple enterprise teams utilizing the European Data Protection Board 6-step process

Register for this webinar and gain best practices guidance to address data protection risks in your third-party ecosystem.

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