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5 Steps to Protect Against Third-Party Ransomware Risks

Webinar Ransomeware 20210325

Ransomware threats are growing at an alarming rate, and third parties are increasingly attractive targets as pathways to gain access to protected data. But how do third-party risk teams discover and close those pathways before becoming victims themselves?

Join Brenda Ferraro, an experienced third-party risk management leader from Aetna, PayPal/eBay, and Charles Schwab, to learn techniques that your TPRM program should adopt.

This session discusses how to:

  • Build a complete, accurate, and up-to-date inventory to better understand who your vendors are and the services they provide
  • Profile, tier, and categorize vendor services to focus on the most critical vendors
  • Assess vendor against best practices for cyber hygiene
  • Continuously monitor vendors for important cybersecurity vulnerabilities
  • Create vendor risk transparency in your organization

Watch this webinar and take away the 5 most important strategies to mitigate third-party ransomware impact.

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