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5 Lessons From the Worst Third-Party Cybersecurity Incidents of 2022

Webinar 1027 2022tprm cyberattacks

From huge healthcare data breaches to damaging ransomware incidents, 2022 has been a banner year for third-party cybersecurity events. What lessons can we learn from the last year, and how can we avoid falling prey to the same risks in 2023?

Join Dave Shackleford of Voodoo Security as he examines the most impactful third-party security incidents of 2022. He’ll also share tips for prioritizing your TPRM program strategy for the coming year.

In this webinar, Dave reviews:

  • Healthcare vendor breaches, including the ongoing impact from the Eye Care Leaders breach
  • Supplier breaches such as Kojima Industries, which shut down production at Toyota
  • Phishing attacks at vendors such as Twilio
  • The continuing threat of retaliation from Russian hackers related to the war in Ukraine
  • Malware disruptions knocking essential websites offline, including the one at Geographic Solutions

Watch this webinar and prepare better for what’s ahead in 2023.

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