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4 Key Differences Between Supply Chain Risk & Third-Party Risk

4 Key Differences Between Supply Chain Risk & Third-Party Risk

Growing numbers of third-party data breaches, supply chain failures, and high-profile third-party compliance fines are causing security, procurement, and compliance leaders to ask: Are we prepared? Where should we focus? But, the answers to those questions depend on the risks that are most important to your organization.

Join Alpa Inamdar, Transformation Leader at AIG, as she dissects the differences between tracking IT-centric, supplier-centric and compliance-centric risks.

In this on-demand webinar Alpa:

  • Discusses the convergence of external forces across the supply chain, IT security, and compliance
  • Examines different types of risks measured by security, procurement, and compliance teams
  • Reviews important capabilities to consider for managing all risk types
  • Suggests best practices for unifying third-party supplier risks to simplify audits and response

Register to gain a framework for organizing and mitigating the impact of supplier and vendor risks.

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