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3 Things All Third-Party Cyberattacks Have In Common

3 Things All Third-Party Cyberattacks Have In Common

Third-party cyberattacks such as SolarWinds and Kaseya are occurring with increasing frequency and scale – and are going to become even more severe with the support of nation-states and the promise of rich ransomware payouts. So how do security teams reduce the likelihood and impact of a third-party security incident on their organizations?

Join Norman Menz, Prevalent Co-Founder, as he draws from his 20+ years of experience in cyber and vendor risk management to answer this question.

This webinar will help you:

  • Review the three commonalities among most third-party cyberattacks – including how to spot them and how to construct your assessment strategy accordingly
  • Diagram processes to effectively prioritize your vendors
  • Examine the role of assessments in helping understand your vendors' security posture and preparedness
  • Discuss incident response plan requirements to improve visibility and triage and limit your risk exposure
  • Define the role of continuous monitoring in helping identify risks as the threat landscape evolves

If you're struggling to navigate the current third-party threat landscape, watch this webinar for proven techniques that will help you reduce your vendor risk exposure.

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