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The 25 Most Important KPIs and KRIs for Third-Party Risk Management

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With the unprecedented growth of vendor data breaches and supply chain disruptions, boards of directors and company leaders are craving greater visibility into their third-party ecosystems. The problem is, few security and risk professionals know how to effectively communicate third-party risk – often relying on complex, technical and point-in-time dashboards that lead to board confusion or disengagement.

The 25 Most Important KPIs and KRIs for Third-Party Risk Management will put you on the path to more effective communication regarding your TPRM program. Download this eBook reference guide to:

  • Understand the difference between KPIs and KRIs
  • Identify four categories of metrics to measure
  • Leverage 25 recommended KPIs and KRIs to report to the board and leadership
  • Discover which types of metrics are best for CISOs, business leadership and the board

Register for the eBook, and you'll also get instant access to a customizable KPI/KRI Scorecard (.xlsx), which will give you a head start on managing key TPRM metrics for your organization.

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