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Vendor Assessment & Monitoring

Unify periodic third-party risk assessments with continuous threat monitoring

Manually collecting, maintaining and analyzing risk status is inefficient, error-prone and costly.

Prevalent streamlines third-party risk management by evaluating vendors against security, compliance, performance, contractual, business continuity, financial, reputational, ethics, and diversity requirements – and validating the results with continuous cyber security, business and financial insights for 360-degree risk identification and mitigation.

Key Benefits

  • Automate assessment and analysis activities to scale your TPRM program without sacrificing quality

  • Coordinate action on vendor risks by validating assessment results with continuous monitoring insights

  • Quantify and contextualize risk in business and compliance terms to prioritize tasks and optimize resources

  • Accelerate risk reduction with built-in remediation recommendations and closed-loop issue tracking

Key Features

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    Assessment Scheduling & Management

    Conduct ad-hoc or scheduled assessments, monitor questionnaire completion progress, and set automated chasing reminders. Review and approve responses to automatically register risks, or reject responses and request additional input.

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    Assessment Library

    Leverage 60+ assessment templates, including industry-standard questionnaires, the Prevalent Compliance Framework (PCF), and customizable questionnaires.

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    Single Risk Register

    Normalize, correlate and analyze information across assessment results and continuous monitoring findings for unified reporting and remediation.

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    Workflow & Task Management

    Communicate with suppliers and coordinate remediation efforts. Capture and audit conversations, record estimated completion dates, and assign tasks.

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    Document & Evidence Management

    Store and distribute documents for dialog and attestation – including NDAs, SLAs, statements of work, and agreements and contracts – with version control, built-in tasks, and an auto-review cadence.

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    Built-in Remediation Guidance

    Get guidance from built-in remediation recommendations to reduce residual risk.

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    Data & Relationship Mapping

    Identify relationships between your organization and third parties to discover dependencies and visualize information paths.

 Quote pharma healthcare

Prevalent gave us the ability to understand the cybersecurity dangers to our company data, employees and patients.

— Global 500 Pharmaceutical Company

Who Wins

  • Procurement

    Ensure that vendors deliver on their promises by continuously monitoring financial health, reputation, and more.

  • IT Security

    Eliminate spreadsheets once and for all by automating the scheduling, collection, analysis, management, and remediation of vendor risks in a central platform.

  • Risk Management

    Gain a closed-loop view to validate vendor risks and remediations by combining assessments with continuous monitoring.

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