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The Prevalent Exchange Network

Access the largest cross-industry repository of completed standardized assessments.

The Prevalent Exchange Network quickly and cost-effectively delivers the third-party risk data you need, without taxing your team. The Network delivers a repository of nearly one thousand completed, standard vendor questionnaires and supporting evidence to accelerate risk identification and mitigation. With many of the vendors you are already working with as members, and the ability to request new vendors to be assessed, the Exchange promotes enhanced vendor security across multiple industries.

Key Benefits

  • Speed risk identification with instant access to completed vendor questionnaires

  • Simplify risk management by outsourcing vendor assessments to the Prevalent Risk Operations Center

  • Reduce risk by focusing your team on risk management instead of chasing down vendor responses

  • Meet compliance and security requirements without burdening your team

Key Features

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    Comprehensive, Easy-to-Use Platform

    Leverage a library of pre-submitted assessments to quickly check vendor risk status or augment your own assessments.

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    Automated, Outsourced Risk Assessments

    Outsource vendor survey collection and analysis to the Prevalent Risk Operations Center, reducing assessment time and costs.

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    Standards-Based Approach

    Conduct standardized assessments that map cybersecurity, IT, privacy, data security and business risks to industry standards and regulations.

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    Prioritized Remediation Guidance

    Collaborate on risk registers, dates, tasks, acceptance and more with remediation workflow and document management capabilities.

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    Stakeholder-Specific Compliance Reporting

    Understand compliance and risk status across the vendor risk landscape through a central reporting console. Assessors, risk managers and executives can each see the relevant information they need to better understand and act on risk.

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