You know that assessing your vendors is a critical aspect of your third-party risk management program. But you also know it’s expensive, time-consuming, and often painful… for both your organization, as well as the vendor.

Not anymore.

With Synapse Exchange™, vendor evidence (questionnaires, surveys, certifications, etc.) is either collected for you by Prevalent, or contributed to the Exchange by the vendor. Exchange participants simply request access to the evidence, and after a quick vendor approval, it’s available for review. All in 3 or 4 clicks of the mouse.

Joining the Exchange also provides access to Prevalent Synapse™, our next generation automated assessment and third party risk management platform, which includes access to Prevalent’s industry-leading continuous vendor monitoring capability. Exchange participants can launch their own assessments, leverage analytics, build their own questionnaires, adjust risk scores, create findings, engage in communication with vendors and customers, and enjoy the benefits of all Synapse features.

The Exchange architecture is built on the reality that all organizations are both customers that need to assess their vendors, but are also vendors that need to share their evidence with their customers. Companies can therefore leverage the Exchange to share their evidence with their customers, greatly reducing the ever-expanding burden of responding to customer security controls requests.