Prevalent Synapse™

network-globeThe Industry’s First Unified Third-Party Risk Assessment, Threat Intelligence & Collaboration Platform.

Prevalent Synapse™ is the industry’s first Third-Party Risk Collaborative Assessment and Threat Intelligence Monitoring Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, based on Version 4.0 of its award-winning Vendor Risk Manager (VRM) technology. It is the next generation of integrated capabilities of VRM and Vendor Threat Monitor (VTM) platforms, now combined and architected to support virtually any form of collaborative assessment network. Prevalent Synapse™ is purpose-built to enable smarter risk management through a shared assessment model that leverages standardized content, automation, and threat intelligence.

What is a Synapse?
A synapse is a connection between neural cells which strengthen and grow over time in response to an increase in activity.

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Work Smarter… with Prevalent Synapse™.
Organizations are consistently failing in their risk management programs due in large part to manual processes that lack scale. Today, third-party risk assessment and monitoring requirements are conducted in a one-to-one relationship model. Prevalent Synapse™ introduces scale, automation, and leveraged content throughout the assessment ecosystem.

Reduce Risk and Reduce Cost… with Prevalent Synapse™.
Organizations are failing using manual methods for scaling their assessment and monitoring requirements. The Prevalent Synapse 4.0 Architecture enables smarter risk management by providing the first of its kind Collaborative Assessment Vault fed by a Contributory Assessment Database and Prevalent Threat Intelligence/Continuous Monitoring.

Prevalent Synapse™ reduces both risk and cost in a shared assessment model leveraging standardized content, automation, and threat intelligence.



Prevalent Synapse 4.0 Architecture allows for new models in risk management throughout the data supply chain. Examples of new capabilities enabled by Prevalent Synapse™ include:


Enterprise Third-Party Risk Management
• 4.0 includes ability to participate in Synapse Network, consume Assessment Data, provide Assessment Data, and SCALE SMARTER.
• NEW: Service Framing capabilities for enhanced pre-assessment ensuring the right “smarter” assessments.
• NEW: Recommendation Library for unified responses across internal, outsourced, and multi-party assessments.


Service Provider Networks
Ellie Mae launched a first of its kind network based on Synapse, enabling Ellie Mae vendors and partners to provide third and fourth-party visibility to clients.


Vertical Networks
The Legal Vendor Network is the first of its kind vertical network enabled by Synapse. The top law firms in the world have standardized assessment and continuous monitoring using Prevalent 4.0 Synapse.