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Warren, New Jersey – September 15, 2016 – Prevalent, Inc., the leader in Third-Party Risk Management and Vendor Threat Intelligence, today announced the availability of its proprietary VendorThreatIQ™ product, which introduces 2 new industry risk scores – Threat Investment Quotient (TIQ) and Potential Threat Impact (PTI) – that are now included in Prevalent’s Vendor Threat Monitor (VTM) product.

“The cyber security world has changed dramatically in the past few years,” offered Norman Menz, Prevalent CTO and Co-Founder. “The ability of a vendor to prevent an attack is nearly irrelevant when considering their security posture.  Rapid detection and isolation of an attack is imperative, as external penetration of defenses by today’s sophisticated threats is almost a foregone conclusion.”

Unlike existing vendor threat monitoring products that focus exclusively on a vendor’s breach-prevention posture, Prevalent’s new VendorThreatIQ scores are designed to address the contemporary cyber threat reality.  TIQ scores vendors on their investment in security technologies and products specifically conceived and built to isolate sensitive data and elevated credentials, as well as rapidly detect inevitable breaches and anomalous behavior.  PTI then combines TIQ information with vendor IT spending ratios, industry, and vendor size to provide insight into the vendor’s likelihood of being a target of an attack and a potential attack’s damage to the vendor.

“It might sound fatalistic to assume it’s nearly impossible to keep bad actors from penetrating the network, but TIQ and PTI have been developed in the light of that reality; a reality accepted by nearly all enterprise security professionals today,” added Jeff Hill, Prevalent’s Director of Product Management. “Organizations want to know if their vendors are prepared to protect their sensitive data from today’s highly sophisticated attack vectors, and not living in the past. VendorThreatIQ is uniquely designed to provide that insight.”

“A few years ago, Prevalent was the first company to deliver a robust vendor assessment automation platform, and recently, we were the first to create vertical vendor networks to dramatically reduce the overhead associated with third-party risk mitigation,” noted Jonathan Dambrot, Prevalent CEO and Co-Founder. “With VendorThreatIQ, we are first again to recognize the limitations of conventional vendor threat monitoring philosophy, and provide a metric that genuinely benefits our customers’ insight into their vendor’s ability to protect their data in today’s threat environment.”

VendorThreatIQ is available today as part of Prevalent’s Vendor Threat Monitor product, the industry’s only comprehensive vendor risk continuous monitoring platform.  Download our whitepaper on VendorThreatIQ or if you would like to see a demo, contact us at

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Prevalent is the leader in third-party risk management and cyber threat intelligence, helping global organizations manage and monitor the security threats and risks associated with third and fourth-party vendors. With the release of Prevalent Synapse™, organizations now have a purpose-built, unified platform that reduces both risk and cost in a shared assessment model, leveraging standardized content, automation, and threat intelligence.

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