Legal Vendor Network


LVN logoThe Legal Vendor Network™ (LVN) is a membership-based program designed specifically for law firms to assess and monitor third-party vendors for security and data risk.

Members gain access to a vendor repository where they can view vendor information, assessment results, and populate vendor information into the vendor repository. In addition, members can receive both onsite and remote vendor assessments performed by Prevalent and other participating assessment firms.

Download our white paper A New, Standardized Approach to Risk Reduction for the Legal Industry or the Legal Vendor Network™ Data Sheet to learn more.


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  • Benefits

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  • Internal and External Vendor Repository
  • Leverage Market Leading Prevalent Technologies (Prevalent Vendor Risk Manager® and Prevalent Vendor Threat Monitor™)
  • Dedicated Program Office Manager
  • Self-Assessment
  • Assess Vendors of All Sizes, from 2 to 100,000 Person
  • Explore Whether Other Firms Use Specific Vendors
  • Determine Vendor Importance and Leveling Through Pre-Assessment
  • Conduct On-Site Assessment
  • Utilize Member-Only Threat Intelligence and Network Sharing
  • Shared Assessments Membership

What size firm should consider joining the Legal Vendor Network™?

The Legal Vendor Network was developed in collaboration with a group of law firms and intended to support all firms, big or small. The benefits of the membership licensing is to provide a platform easy enough for the smallest firms to improve their maturity while enabling the needs of the global 100 firms as well.


What does the membership cost?

The pricing for membership is tiered based on the revenue of the firm. The tiers include:

  1. Gross revenue of more than $650 million
  2. Gross revenue of $300-650 million
  3. Gross revenue of less than $300 million


What does the membership include?

Membership includes access to an assessment and threat intelligence platform developed by Prevalent to support the standardization and monitoring required by member firms. Membership allows a firm to continuously assess and monitor their vendors as well as share standardized information into the network for access by other members.


How do I get more information?

If you are a law firm and would like to request additional information about the Legal Vendor Network™, please contact Heather Adams at 908-212-1763 or

If you are not a law firm and would like to receive additional information, please call our toll free number at 877-773-8253 or email


How long does it take to get started?

Firms are able to begin assessing vendors and sharing information quickly, generally within 1-2 weeks of signing up.


What content is used within the network?

The membership includes licenses to Shared Assessments SIG content to standardize assessment data from vendors. Additional information gathering questions can be added on a per firm basis.


Is this only for firms located in the US?

No, the Legal Vendor Network™ was built to support firms worldwide (with some exceptions).


What information is shared in the network?

The firms that helped develop the network model agreed that they did not want to share who was performing the assessments. All risk treatment and comments from the assessing firm are removed prior to being shared in the network.


What if I have more vendors than the number allocated in the membership?

The pricing model developed with the top firms allows members to add additional vendors at a reduced cost in packs of 5, 10 and 25 vendors.


Can I be a member if I am not a law firm?

No, currently membership is only for law firms.