Greetings from Our CEO & Co-Founder

By Jonathan Dambrot, CEO & Co-Founder

2017 has been an exciting year at Prevalent so far.  In addition to being named a Gartner Leader in the IT Vendor Risk Management Magic Quadrant, we have also hired an unbelievable team focused on an important mission, and more than doubled the size of the business.  The addition of great executive leaders like Brian Harvell, Van Ice, and Brenda Ferraro means that we will continue our legacy of thought and technological leadership.

We are starting to see the benefits of our end to end vendor risk management approach.  While many organizations are still focused on assessment, more of our clients are seeing the benefits of shared risk assessment and continuous monitoring powered by Prevalent.  In addition, we are starting to see the impact of our Datum Security acquisition.  While many of our assessments focus on larger organizations, many of the risks and challenges come from smaller vendors.  The Datum Security agent enables visibility to critical controls directly offering smaller business partners the ability to get better visibility, save money, and ensure that they are fixing the control issues that could create significant cybersecurity issues for our clients.  We are the only provider today that can offer monitoring, assessment, collaboration, and small vendor inspection.

The future will also come from fruitful integrations and partners that we have started building strong relationships.  We have signed agreements with several new partners who are starting to deliver managed services on our platform (we will highlight some of them in future newsletters) and we are seeing our clients integrating Prevalent into other core risk and security systems to get a better view of 3rd party security risks.

I would like to hear more from you about things we should be thinking about.  As the market continues to grow and change, Prevalent is your partner to help reduce cost, reduce risk, and improve your business.