Like New York City, Risk Never Sleeps.

It’s critical to understand your vendors’ security controls via periodic assessments, but you also need a continuous, holistic view of potential risks across five key risk areas: Cyber/Data, Brand, Financial, Operational, and Regulatory – AND insight into your vendors’ investments in security products.

Filling the Gap

Prevalent’s continuous threat monitoring software fills the gap in vendor risk management between assessments. Has the vendor suffered a data breach? Lawsuit? Fraud investigation? A hijacking of its brand for a phishing attack? Inexplicable credit risk score trend decline?

These and many more potential risk events are surfaced, scored, and delivered to users via email notifications continuously, meaning you’re never in the dark about your vendors.

On-Boarding New Vendors

When you’re deciding between a group of vendors for a new contract, it’s not possible to conduct an assessment of each. So how do you get a sense for a potential vendor’s risk? Prevalent offers a “snapshot” license for just such use cases. Monitoring vendors for 30 days, the “snapshot” license is designed for procurement organizations to make informed decisions before committing to one vendor or another.


Prevalent has the only continuous monitoring software to offer insight into your vendor’s contemporary security posture. With VendorThreatIQ™, Prevalent users can start to understand which of their vendors are preparing to counter today’s advanced cyber threats and modern attack vendors, and which are living in a long-gone era when cyber security was limited to a firewall.