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TPRM 101: Are On-Site Assessments a Thing of the Past?

TPRM 101: Are On-Site Assessments a Thing of the Past?

With the recent spate of third-party breaches and supply chain disruptions, it's critical to conduct vendor risk assessments that validate the presence of required security controls. However, with the pandemic reshaping the way we do business, the once standard practice of conducting on-site validation assessments has become infeasible for many organizations.

Register for the next installment in our TPRM 101 webinar series, "Are On-Site Assessments a Thing of the Past?" with Brenda Ferraro, veteran TPRM practitioner and Prevalent VP of Third-Party Risk. During the webinar, Brenda shares best-practice advice, including:

  • How off-site validation assessments work (and how they fail)
  • What you should include in every validation assessment
  • How to scope assessments for effectiveness without complexity
  • How to normalize and analyze "trust/verify/validate" risks
  • When and where on-site visits are still necessary

Whether you’re just building controls validation into your third-party risk program, or you’re looking for ways to shift your existing validation processes to a virtual model, watching this presentation will be time well spent!

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