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The Third-Party Incident Response Checklist

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While many organizations follow internal incident response procedures, most programs are unable to assess the risk to systems and data accessed by vendors, suppliers, and other third parties.

The Third-Party Incident Response checklist reveals the essential elements of a third-party incident response program. Read it to discover the important steps to take at every stage, including:

  • Preparation: Prepare your organization to prevent and quickly respond to incidents by properly managing your vendors and securing your systems.
  • Detection and Analysis: Ensure that your program is ready to identify and understand risks emanating from third-party attack vectors.
  • Containment, Eradication, and Recovery: Mitigate the impact of a third-party incident by implementing decision-making and remediation procedures.
  • Post-Incident Activity: Ensure that your organization is prepared for the next attack by taking steps to learn from incidents, improve your response processes, and maintain continuous visibility into third-party activity.

Download this 9-page reference guide now to start streamlining incident identification, analysis, and resolution at your organization.

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