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Supply Chain Risk: Fourth Parties and Beyond

Supply Chain Risk: Fourth Parties and Beyond

With the recent SolarWinds third-party breach and ongoing Covid-related supply chain disruptions, understanding downstream risk is more critical than ever. These examples make it clear that failures at subcontractors or other “vendors of your vendors” can negatively impact your operations. The problem is, most risk management programs are unable to effectively evaluate fourth- and Nth-party threats.

Join Brenda Ferraro, VP of Third-Party Risk at Prevalent, for best practices on gaining deeper risk visibility into your organization’s vendor and supply chain ecosystem.

This webinar reveals:

  • Techniques for discovering and mapping your Nth-party relationships
  • Strategies for building a deeper and broader vendor risk management database
  • Solutions that can accelerate fourth-party risk identification and remediation
  • Executive and board-level tips for responding to fourth-party incidents
  • Program requirements for avoiding “one-and-done” audit clauses

Now is the time to get ahead of risks from outside your immediate circle of vendors! Get started by watching this webinar, and you’ll walk away with guidance that you can immediately put to use.

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