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Managing Risk Throughout the Supplier Lifecycle

Managing Risk Throughout the Supplier Lifecycle

The extended enterprise is a risk management challenge. The volume, variety, and velocity of third-party relationships across an organization's supply chain create an interconnected and interdependent risk environment.

Organizations today require 360-degree visibility into risk across their supplier relationships. These risks span security, privacy, human rights, bribery/corruption, resiliency, and more. This means contextual insight and risk situational awareness at every stage of the supplier lifecycle, from onboarding to off-boarding.

This webinar, presented by Michael Rasmussen, GRC Pundit and Analyst at GRC 2020, examines:

  • Detail the multi-faceted scope of supplier risks
  • Define the supplier risk management lifecycle
  • Cover each step towards risk situational awareness - from cradle to grave of the supplier relationship
  • Ensure you understand best practices as well as pitfalls at each step
  • Identify how technology enables 360-degree situational awareness of supplier risks throughout the lifecycle

Watch this webinar for proven strategies on how to manage each step of your critical supply chain vendors.

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