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CISO Interview: How to Build a Business Case for TPRM

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As organizations wake up to the looming threats posed by third-party entities, security and risk management teams are beginning to realize that a truly effective third-party risk management (TPRM) program requires more than just fancy tech - it hinges on seamless internal communication and bulletproof processes. Yet, for most organizations, the conversation still often starts with tech.

Join Eric Brown, CISO at Cytokinetics, for a lively Q&A-style webinar as he examines the key steps in transforming TPRM into a business conversation easily understood across the enterprise.

Eric in this session:

  • Explains how he creates awareness of third-party risks throughout the organization, including quantifying the potential impact of an incident to operations
  • Diagrams key processes and program mechanics, including attributes used for vendor and supplier profiling and tiering, risk dispositioning, and escalation
  • Discusses how to maintain ongoing engagement with the board, compliance, legal, and other executive teams by transforming third-party risk into a business conversation

Whether establishing a new TPRM practice or maturing an existing program, this webinar will help you think about the non-technical attributes of a well-managed program.

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