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2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT Vendor Risk Management Tools

See why Prevalent is named a Leader among 23 IT VRM providers

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  • Feature privacy jump start
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    Privacy Jump Start

    Rapidly discover private data, assess risk, and mitigate PII/PHI exposures.

  • Data sheet bitsight connector 0920
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    BitSight Connector

    Combine BitSight Security Ratings with Prevalent Third-Party Risk Management for expansive vendor intelligence.

  • Blog cmmc compliance 0420
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    CMMC Compliance

    Conduct standardized assessments for all 17 capability domains and all 5 certifications under the CMMC.

  • Feature tprm jump start 2
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    TPRM Jump Start

    Prevalent Jump Start is an ideal solution for quickly launching a third-party risk management (TPRM) program...

  • Datasheet tprm platform nov 2019
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    Third-Party Risk Management Platform

    The Prevalent Third-Party Risk Management Platform unifies automated vendor assessment, continuous risk monitoring, and evidence sharing...

  • Blog release v3 16 feb 2020
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    Vendor Risk Assessment Solution

    Prevalent Vendor Risk Assessment automates and accelerates security and compliance risk assessments, extending the visibility, efficiency...

  • Hero Career
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    Vendor Threat Monitoring Solution

    Prevalent Vendor Threat Monitor complements assessments with frequent, “outside-in” intelligence reports on potential cyber and business...

  • Data sheet prevalent exchange network 1120
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    The Prevalent Exchange Network

    The Prevalent Exchange Network is an on-demand library of risk profiles on thousands of vendors, suppliers...

  • Hero News Events
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    Legal Vendor Network

    The Prevalent Legal Vendor Network quickly and cost-effectively delivers the third-party risk data you need, while...

  • Datasheet Legal Need To Know
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    Need to Know: Law Firms & Third-Party Risk

    Here’s what you need to know about developing and maintaining a scalable third-party risk management program...

  • Blog Compliance Hipaa Oct 2019
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    Healthcare Vendor Network

    The Prevalent Healthcare Vendor Network enables you to meet requirements for assessing vendor risk, developing strong...

  • Datasheet tprm platform nov 2019
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    Vendor Risk Assessment Services

    Our Vendor Risk Assessment Services experts can handle everything from risk collection and analysis, to reporting...

  • Datasheet Advisory Consulting Services
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    Prevalent Advisory & Consulting Services

    The Prevalent Professional Services organization works with you and your partners to deliver best practices and...

  • Datasheet support nov 2019
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    Customer Success Management

    Prevalent is committed to providing the support your organization needs to maintain an effective third-party risk...

  • Datasheet tech support
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    Technical Support

    Prevalent’s highly skilled Technical Support team is committed to answering your questions and addressing solution issues...

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