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5 Things You Need for a Successful Third-Party Incident Response Plan

5 Things You Need for a Successful Third-Party Incident Response Plan

Many organizations have an internal response plan for threats against them -- but how many have a plan to address threats against their vendors? Incidents such as SolarWinds and the Microsoft Exchange vulnerability exposed how fragile supply chains are. One incident can dramatically impact your supply chain.

Yet, it can be challenging to assess how vendors and other third parties manage their time sensitive incident response plans. It takes time to figure out what questions to ask, chase third parties for answers, and accurately track remediation.

Join Jefferson Pike, Director, Information Security & Third-Party Risk Management at Lowe's, and Brenda Ferraro, VP of Third-Party Risk at Prevalent, for a webinar that will show you how to create a plan and accelerate your response for your third parties before the next SolarWinds happens.

Jefferson and Brenda discuss:

  • What clauses to include in contracts
  • How to create an easy mechanism for vendors to proactively update your organization -- and who to update during an incident
  • How to quantify potential business impacts
  • How to ensure targeted questionnaires ask the right questions for your organization
  • The layers of insight needed before a breach and public disclosure

Watch this webinar to better understand how you can expand and prepare your incident response plan to include your third parties.

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