Why Discovery Automation (with NEW CloudID) Is Important to Your Third-Party Risk Program.

One of the areas that our clients often complain about is not knowing who their third-party service providers, cloud vendors, and software providers are.  This creates a significant gap in their third-party risk efforts because it is possible that there are providers with access to sensitive data not being appropriately assessed and monitored from a cybersecurity perspective.

Today, in order to help better manage this problem, Prevalent has launched an automated Discovery capability into Prevalent Vendor Risk Manager.  Our first service as part of Discovery is the ability to automate the identification of your cloud providers; including the cloud services being provided, how many users are using the service, and what type of cloud service it is.

On average, enterprises generally miss a significant portion of cloud services in use.  In some cases, organizations that believed they only had 15 vendors have 500 or more.

Once cloud services are identified, clients have the ability to add these services and vendors into Prevalent Vendor Risk Manager to perform risk assessment and optionally monitor threat intelligence and cybersecurity monitoring with Prevalent Vendor Threat Monitor.

I am excited to announce Prevalent CloudID, a new feature of Prevalent Vendor Risk Manager, the market leading third-party risk platform. The full press release can be found HERE.

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