A Few CYBERFIT Statistics

The NH-ISAC Cyberfit Third Party Risk program membership is gaining new members each and every month.  Thank you for participating – we are excited you are here & share your experience with your friends.  We are currently up to over 20 members now.

There are over 200 Assessments completed in the repository and currently 745 Assessments in flight ready to arrive in the repository over the next few weeks.  As a total of all licenses purchased the current membership has consumed 10% of their licenses so there is a great opportunity to increase vendors with all of this excess capacity.

Related, Prevalent is planning to initiate a top 1000 vendors outreach.  We have been approached by over 10 companies who have heard of this NH-ISAC initiative and have asked to participate.  We expect that with the current momentum in the program that it is now a good time to start reaching out to the vendors to reference the initiative and ask them to participate.  We will keep you posted on how this effort adds to the total number of participating vendors.

New, we have initiated a Grant program in partnership with many of the Steering Committee members to leverage their larger investments into a benefit to the community.  The Grant is designed to be applied to encourage smaller members to make their first-year investment easier to absorb.  We have currently applied the first grant funds and are looking for other qualifying small organizations.  Thank you very much to the contributing members – this is a great example of the power of the NH-ISAC’s reach.

Please provide feedback as you start to build out your programs.  As I believe each of you know you have a Customer Success Manager assigned to ensure good success so they are ready to jump on the phone with you to assist in any way.  Just ask!