Third-Party Risk Experts.

Prevalent has taken the pain out of the assessment process by gathering evidence on behalf of vendor network members and working with vendors to share it among many requesters. Network members simply provide the list of vendors – Prevalent does the rest.

Vertical Vendor Network Pioneers

Realizing that companies in many different vertical industries:

1) Use many of the same vendors, and
2) Are interested in the same or similar security controls information about those vendors

Prevalent launched its first vendor evidence sharing network in 2015 with the Legal Vendor Network, and has since expanded the list of vertical vendor networks to include Higher Education and Asset Management. In addition, Prevalent was selected as the platform of choice for the official Healthcare Information Sharing and Analysis Center (NH-ISAC) CYBERFIT™ solution.

Taking the Pain out of the Assessment Process

Prevalent collects questionnaire evidence on behalf of Network members, interacting with the vendors to create a growing repository of completed and validated vendor questionnaires and accompanying supporting documents and other artifacts. That evidence is then made available in the network, benefiting the vendors (complete once; share many), and the members, who no longer need to dedicate weeks and months to evidence collection activities with vendors.



Gathering and analyzing your vendors’ security controls information in the assessment process can be cumbersome, time consuming, and expensive.