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Shared Assessments Third Party Network FAQ’s

The Shared Assessments Program and Prevalent have teamed up to offer the Third Party Network as a comprehensive program for third party risk management. Download this data sheet to learn more.


Prevalent Synapse Exchange™

You know that assessing your vendors is a critical aspect of your third-party risk management program. But you also know it’s expensive, time-consuming, and often painful… for both your organization, as well as the vendor.


Vendor Risk Assessment Software

You have hundreds - maybe thousands - of vendors. Some of them have custody of your sensitive data. Some even have access to your network. For those vendors, their security weaknesses are your weaknesses.


Continuous Threat Monitoring

Risk never sleeps. It’s critical to understand your vendors’ security controls via periodic assessments, but you also need a continuous, holistic view of potential risks – AND insight into your vendors’ investments in security products.


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Prevalent Brings Vendor Risk Assessment to SMB Suppliers With DatumSec Buy

On June 13, 2017, Prevalent announced the acquisition of DatumSec, adding an automation technology to its portfolio that enables customers to economically bring third-party risk assessment to SMB suppliers. Download this brief to learn more.


Gartner Names Prevalent a LEADER in their 2017 Magic Quadrant for IT Vendor Risk Management

Purpose-Built. Proven. Powerful. Download this report by Gartner to find out what the analysts are saying about Prevalent's vendor risk management and threat monitoring solutions.


Executive Summary | New New York Cybersecurity Requirements: 23 NYCRR 500

The clock is ticking on financial services organizations required to implement the latest iteration of the New York Cybersecurity Requirements. Download this Executive Summary to learn more.


Forrester TEI Study: The Total Economic Impact of Prevalent’s Third-Party Risk Management Solutions

Discover how a customer saw a 361% ROI by deploying Prevalent solutions in a 2015 Total Economic Impact (TEI) Study conducted by Forrester Consulting.


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Aetna’s Brenda Ferraro Talks CYBERFIT™

Hear Aetna’s Director Third-Party Risk Governance Brenda Ferraro talk about the CYBERFIT™ platform, powered by Prevalent Synapse™.


NH-ISAC’s Jim Routh Talks CYBERFIT™

Hear Aetna CSO and NH-ISAC Chairman Jim Routh talk about the CYBERFIT™ platform, powered by Prevalent Synapse™.


Prevalent’s Jonathan Dambrot Talks CYBERFIT™

Hear Prevalent CEO & Co-Founder Jonathan Dambrot talk about the CYBERFIT™ platform, powered by Prevalent Synapse™.


Churchill & Harriman’s Kenneth Peterson Talks CYBERFIT™

Hear Churchill & Harriman founder & CEO Kenneth Peterson talk about the CYBERFIT™ platform, powered by Prevalent Synapse™.


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A Comprehensive Approach to Third Party Risk Management

Your company deploys advanced IT security controls and follows best practices to prevent unauthorized access to your systems and protect sensitive company and customer data. Unfortunately, it’s not enough. Download this white paper to find out why.


Demystifying Third-Party Vendor Risk Management for Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare organizations face a wide range of potential challenges, many of which require tight relationships with third-party vendors. This paper discusses how to reduce complexity in third-party vendor risk management, and how to turn uncertainty and confusion into efficiency and confidence.


Third-Party Active Risk Monitoring in 2016 | Are We Barking Up the Wrong Tree?

This white paper discusses the approach used by today’s threat monitoring tools, examines why the current methodology is outdated, and ultimately - why the resulting risk analysis and scoring is increasingly meaningless.


A New, Standardized Approach to Risk Reduction for the Legal Industry

If more outside security assessments are being performed, and the number one technology issue concerning law firms today is security & risk management, then that must equate to an increase in IT budgets and spend, right? According to an ILTA study, the answer is no.


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INFOGRAPHIC | 5 Things Your Vendor Assessment Isn’t Telling You

One-time assessments are just the tip of the iceberg.  If you're relying only on one-time assessments, you risk missing critical information about your vendors that can affect the security of your systems and your data.


Best Practices for Reducing Third-Party Risk

The simple truth is that the security measures organizations put in place are not enough to protect them from threats. Third parties can present the greatest area of risk exposure - both for data security and for regulatory compliance.


INFOGRAPHIC | The Increase of SMB Vendor Risk

One of the challenges facing the third party risk community is the inability to gauge the risk of small vendors, those with only 2 to 100 employees.


INFOGRAPHIC | 5 Actions to Take NOW to Avoid Common Third-Party Risk Management Pitfalls

This infographic reveals the 5 actions CISOs can take now to avoid increasing pitfalls in the cyber-threat jungle.


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