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Prevalent Cloud ID™ Captures Data on Third-Party Vendors Through Analysis of Internet Activity Logs, Providing Organizations with Comprehensive Vendor Risk Assessment Capabilities

Warren, New Jersey –– February 2, 2015 –– Prevalent, the third-party risk and vendor threat intelligence innovators, today announced the introduction of Prevalent Cloud ID™. Available now in the U.S., Prevalent Cloud ID is a cloud-based discovery service that helps organizations identify third-party vendors by analyzing Internet activity logs.

“The number of cloud and SaaS-based applications and services being used to drive efficiencies in accounting and human resources departments, streamline data storage and business continuity, and support anywhere, anytime availability of productivity and CRM tools is on the rise,” says Norman Menz, CTO and Co-Founder of Prevalent. “This presents significant challenges for enterprises to manage while increasing the threat of exposure to data breach and loss. In many cases, deployment of these applications and services is being done on an ad-hoc basis without enterprise IT visibility, leaving the organization without a comprehensive view of which applications and services are being used.”

The Prevalent Cloud ID discovery service addresses these challenges by capturing data from the organization’s Internet activity logs to identify the full spectrum of cloud and SaaS-based applications in play across the enterprise. When Prevalent Cloud ID is used in concert with other Prevalent solutions –  including Prevalent Vendor Threat Monitor™ (PVTM), a dynamic vendor risk intelligence platform that monitors key threats, Prevalent Vendor Risk Manager™ (PVRM), and Prevalent Vendor Assess™ (PVA) – organizations are able to obtain a full picture of vendor security risk.

The combination of Prevalent VTM, Prevalent VRM and Prevalent Cloud ID goes beyond point-in-time assessments by providing organizations with proactive monitoring and automated alerts for third-party risks and threats. This “real-time” risk monitoring and assessment helps enterprises adhere to industry compliance requirements and provides peace of mind by proactively identifying potential third-party risks before they become legal liabilities to the business.

“When organizations leverage Prevalent Cloud ID, in concert with Prevalent VTM and Prevalent VRM, they are able to validate and verify what users are telling them about the third-party apps and services that are in use within the enterprise, and gain insight into threats that may be operating ‘under the radar’ of the organization’s IT Security department,” says Jonathan Dambrot, CEO and Co-Founder of Prevalent.  “We are helping businesses better assess and mitigate the risks posed by the vendors who are providing these applications and services, and our proven technology and new services enable them to automate, manage and monitor third- and fourth-party vendors with greater ease, efficiency and coverage across any number of vendor relationships.”

To learn more about Prevalent Cloud ID, please join Prevalent’s webinar Building an Affective Cloud Security Program on Wednesday, February 11, 2015 at 1:00 p.m. (ET). Registration for the webinar is available HERE.

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Prevalent is a vendor risk and cyber threat intelligence innovator with a reputation for developing cutting-edge technologies and highly-automated services that are proven to help organizations reduce, manage and monitor the security threats and risks associated with third-party vendors.

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