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Healthcare Vendor Network™

Gain Immediate Access to Healthcare Vendors’ Security Postures


Given the proliferation of electronic health records, a surge in connected medical devices, and an increased reliance on business associates and other third-party vendors for delivering critical services, the fear of a data breach and subsequent compliance audit looms large. Cybercriminals now also target an organization’s supply chain in order to access PHI and PII, which could create life-or-death consequences for patients.

How can healthcare organizations maintain third-party risk compliance, perform vendor risk analysis and assurance, protect sensitive health information, and develop stronger IT and OT security and data privacy measures?

The H-ISAC’s Exclusive Solution for Sharing Vendor Risk Assessment Due Diligence

Prevalent’s Healthcare Vendor Network (HVN) delivers automated evidence collection and risk management so that organizations can measure their vendors for cybersecurity risk resiliency and ensure regulatory compliance. In partnership with the H-ISAC’s program for Shared Risk Assessments for Third Parties, this network of H-ISAC healthcare members and vendors collaborate using a standardized questionnaire and continuous threat intelligence monitoring, saving time and reducing operating costs.

Key Benefits

  • Automates the process of vendor risk management, zeroing in on risks and controls failures for collaborative review and remediation
  • Includes proactive continuous monitoring using an outside-in approach to reduce risk surfaces across the vendor ecosystem
  • Delivers industry expertise to meet the unique needs of highly regulated industries
  • Drives efficiency through a shared model of leveraged vendor risk due-diligence

The Value of a Network Vendor Community


Vendor Repository

Quick identification of vendor risk status with a library of readily available questionnaires and evidence


Risk Scoring

Healthcare-applied baseline risk scores for each security risk domain


Content Governance

Relevance of questionnaire response information meets regulatory and compliance guidelines



Consensus and collaborative driven reporting requirements across the industry

Key Features

Share Vital Threat Intelligence and Best Practices

Use the H-ISAC’s preferred third-party risk management solution to create a baseline across products, services, and vendors from industry common criteria for risk management and remediation.

Save Time with a Comprehensive, Easy-to-Use Solution

Reducing the effort required to collect or complete content requests or questionnaires means that you and your vendors can prioritize working together to decrease security control gaps and reduce overall risk.

Automated Assessment Workflow Engine

Deliver better time-to-value and business insight with an automated, risk-based assessment service with built-in workflows, vendor tiering, risk scoring flexibility, analytics, and reporting.

Gain an Accurate View of Vendor Risk

Enable categorization of vendors based on risk tier criticality and assign security assessment requirements aligned to these classifications.

Monitor for Cyber and Business Risks

Deliver snapshot and continuous vendor threat intel monitoring – including operational, financial, legal, and brand risk events – for a holistic view of your vendor information security risk.

Prioritize Remediation

Enable dynamic categorization of vendors based on risk levels and criticality to the business. Bi-directional remediation workflow and document management enables discussions on risk registers, completion date, tasks, acceptance, and more.

Demonstrate Compliance with Stakeholder-Specific Reporting

Visualize compliance and risk status across your vendor risk landscape from one central reporting console. Assessors, Risk Managers, and Executives can each see details necessary to make informed business decisions and report on risk status.

The Prevalent Third Party Risk Management Platform

The Healthcare Vendor Network is part of Prevalent’s integrated third party risk management platform, a unified solution that provides a 360-degree view of vendor risks. With the Prevalent platform, organizations simplify compliance, reduce vendor-based risks, and improve efficiency to better scale third party risk management.

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