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Automate Your Third Party Vendor Risk Assessments

Deciding how to assess your multitude of vendors isn't easy.

For those vendors with access to your sensitive data or network, their security weaknesses become your weaknesses. How do you move forward with the most effective assessment strategy for all your vendor types?

As the only purpose-built vendor assessment automation software available, Prevalent enables you to throw out the manual spreadsheets. Starting with critical Vendor Tiering, Prevalent’s platform can handle every step of the vendor risk management process for your organization.

Vendor Tiering

You need the ability to determine which surveys and other requests to make of vendors based on their relationship to your organization. Prevalent helps you to tier your vendors based on the access level they have to your sensitive information.

Risk Score Flexibility

Our solution supports standardized risk assessment content, including SIG, SIGLite, CSA, and DDQ - and offers you the ability to build custom, supplemental surveys that address the gaps in standard content. It also provides a full audit trail and controls mapping to help you get and stay on track.

Built-in Workflows

Prevalent provides automated and auditable interaction with your vendors to facilitate remediation and provide greater risk visibility into your vendor ecosystem. Built-in evidence collection, review, and remediation workflows support your vendor risk management efforts.

Survey Information Access and Customization

Our assessment solution gives you the ability to pull completed and reviewed standard content from any of our vendor evidence sharing networks, saving both your vendors and your organization countless hours of time.

Complete Analytics and Reporting Suite

To make your third party risk program even more powerful, you need insight gained from reports and analytics. Prevalent delivers intuitive dashboards to help you quickly determine your current state and to support your decision-making as you plan for the future.