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When most of us think of our vendors handling sensitive information, we tend to gravitate toward the obvious: the payroll processing company, our contracts law firm, our accounting firm with our financial data, or the patent law firm with all our intellectual property. Frankly, the company that builds and maintains the company website isn’t typically top of mind.

Ask the Australian Red Cross if they agree.

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Official Healthcare Information Sharing and Analysis Center to Leverage Prevalent Vendor Network Experience for Third-Party Risk Management

WARREN, NJ (December 8, 2016) – Prevalent, Inc., the leader in Third-Party Risk Management and Vendor Threat Intelligence and Churchill & Harriman, the recognized leader in enterprise risk management and third-party risk assessments, today jointly announced that NH-ISAC has chosen the purpose-built Prevalent Synapse™ platform and Churchill & Harriman’s risk assessment services for the third-party risk management element of its mission to protect the nation’s critical healthcare infrastructure from physical and cyber threats.

“Third-party risk is a valid concern for any organization in the healthcare ecosystem.”, said Denise Anderson, NH-ISAC President. “We are excited to be working with Prevalent and Churchill and Harriman to leverage the NH-ISAC community and offer risk assessment services via CYBERFIT that are both efficient and affordable.”

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Monday, May 1st to Wednesday, May 3rd at Denver Marriott City Center in Denver, CO

The 15th Annual Security Professionals Conference will give you a time to reflect on our collective past experiences, focus on current challenges, and envision new strategies to improve information security in higher education.

Acknowledge the Past, Assess the Present, Anticipate the Future.

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