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prevalent-vendor-assessAs organizations of all sizes become more dependent on key vendor relationships to manage and process their most critical information, understanding the key policies, security practices, and other key controls your vendors use to protect your information becomes critical to efficiently and securely running your enterprise. Prevalent Vendor Assess accomplishes this by offering the technology, process, and people necessary to efficiently understand vendor risk, help you remediate missing controls, and better protect your organizational from third-party risks.

  • Easily scale your vendor risk assessment program.
  • Understand potential data loss at your vendors.
  • Reduce risk associated with a lack of control at your vendors.
  • More easily support your organization’s move to the cloud.
  • Help improve internal and vendor business process dependent on key vendors.
  • Reduce the cost associated with your existing manual process.
  • Reduced infrastructure.
  • Reduced requirement for vendor risk specialization.

Prevalent Vendor Assess

The Prevalent Vendor Assess program allows organizations to purchase a vendor risk management program in a fixed-price, fixed-deliverable package that is flexible enough to map to your existing controls, but standardized for people that want an “out of the box” solution. The solution is priced based on the number of vendor assessments you will manage in the solution, but can easily scale to add any number of vendor assessments you choose. It includes the process consulting to help map the vendor risk automation, Prevalent Compliance as a Service including Prevalent Vendor Risk Manager, and optionally the vendor risk operational staff if you want support in collecting and analyzing vendor risk evidence.


Prevalent Vendor Assess brings a standards and controls based approach to the vendor risk problem. The solution includes a standard process that is leveraged within Vendor Assess, however if necessary Prevalent can customize the process to include additional custom control requirements. This enables organizations to quickly get started with the solution and start getting a return on their investment.


Additionally, the solution includes Shared Assessment domain coverage and content. The Shared Assessments content is broadly recognized as the leading source for vendor assessment content. This content is included in the solution and mapped across the vendor risk tiers.


Prevalent Compliance as a Service leverages Prevalent Vendor Risk Manager and Symantec Control Compliance Suite hosted in the Prevalent Cloud. This hosted platform enables the vendor risk management process without the need to setup any infrastructure in your environment.


Prevalent maintains vendor risk, security, and compliance subject matter experts to help ensure Prevalent Vendor Assess meets your control requirements and service delivery needs. Prevalent consultants are recognized for their knowledge, skill, and experience.

Prevalent Vendor Risk Analysts are highly qualified vendor risk professionals that can be leveraged to run the Vendor Assess process on your behalf. This is especially useful if you do not maintain a large risk management staff or need to have a Prevalent analyst run overflow assessments.

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