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SafeNet_Logo_RGBSafeNet is a leading provider of high-end data protection solutions to both commercial enterprises and government agencies. Customers trust our comprehensive and flexible solutions to protect their most valuable information assets, including electronic banking transfers, personally identifiable information, electronic medical records, software and intellectual property assets and classified information that is critical for national security. We combine leading-edge commercial technologies with the expertise and credibility developed through our long-standing leadership in the government sector. We offer a life cycle approach to data protection that:

• protects the identities of users, applications and machines;
• secures transactions that are performed by authenticated users;
• encrypts data when it is created and while it is accessed, shared, stored and moved;
• encrypts the communications channels through which data travels;
• controls users’ rights to access software and digital assets; and
• includes management solutions that enable our products to work together.


In 1983, in a Timonium, Maryland basement, two engineers founded Industrial Resource Engineering (IRE). IRE made a name for itself, selling network security solutions, using encryption technology to protect the public and private networks of financial institutions before expanding into the federal government sector.

By leveraging key investor funding and customer wins, IRE became a fast-rising star in the information security industry. Then, in 2000, IRE was officially renamed SafeNet after its award-winning VPN product line. SafeNet strategically expanded its interests in the security information field through acquisitions of Securealink, Cylink Corporation, Raqia Networks, Inc., and SSH. In 2004 SafeNet merged with Rainbow Technologies, which had recently acquired Chrysalis-ITS and Mykotronx. As a result of these strategic acquisitions, SafeNet became the world’s seventh largest information security company and tripled its revenue. Continuing its interest in technological growth, SafeNet acquired a number of other complementary companies including Datakey, DMDsecure and Eracom Technologies during the next few years. The resources of these companies improved SafeNet’s already broad portfolio of security products. In 2007, SafeNet was taken private by Vector Capital.

In 2008, SafeNet acquired Ingrian Technologies. Ingrian’s DataSecure family of products complements SafeNet’s security solutions to ensure that enterprise and government organizations are compliant and limit liabilities. With this acquisition, SafeNet became the first vendor to offer comprehensive Data Protection. Solutions that secure sensitive data across devices, applications, networks, and databases. In March 2009, Aladdin Knowledge Systems was acquired by Vector

Capital and placed under common management with SafeNet. This combination brought together market leading vendors that in concert offer the first comprehensive set of critical solutions in rights management and enterprise data protection. Aladdin’s industry leading Authentication and Content Filtering products have strengthened SafeNet’s Data Protection Solutions.

SafeNet acquired Assured Decisions, LLC a leading provider of professional consulting services to the government’s cyber security community in December 2009. With this acquisition, SafeNet increased its Cyber Security Division and fielded the MDeX solution that allows the secure exchange of information between the U. S.government departments, agencies and allies.

In April 2010, Aladdin and its subsidiaries became wholly-owned subsidiaries of SafeNet, now the 5th largest vendor in the security market and 3rd largest pure-play provider of information security solutions in the world. Industry Leading Customers and Global Presence Comprised of 25 locations globally, SafeNet maintains 1,600 employees—including approximately 600 encryption engineers, the largest grouping of any company. As a result of this expertise,SafeNet holds approximately 100 distinct patents. The organization serves more than 25,000 corporate and government customers in 100 countries.

SafeNet is a member of technological world standard organizations, including the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), and the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA.) SafeNet is currently involved with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 2008 to update future technological principals.


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