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demo-policy-portalWritten policies represent the only way for most organizations to clearly communicate the way it would like employees to conduct the business of the organization. Without well-managed policies, companies are left to ad- hoc decisions made unilaterally. Research shows that well-run companies suffering the least loss of sensitive data and IT downtime have strong policy management programs. However, most organizations do not have a policy management solution which provides end users with easy access to policies.

whitepaper-writing-effective-policies Prevalent Policy Portal, a customizable policy management and governance software solution now integrating with Symantec Control Compliance Suite (CCS) allows clients greater visibility into corporate policies, easing policy implementation, aggregation, and management.

The Prevalent Policy Portal CCS Connector provides a link to the market-leading governance, risk, and compliance platform. This allows you to test your policies against IT resources and procedures to determine policy effectiveness, remediate, and increase governance.

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Most compliance products are overly complex and hard to use.  Prevalent Policy Portal is simple.  The solution shows you your policies, the company’s polices, allows you to search your policies, take simple actions on your policies, and print them out.  Leave the complexity to others.

Whatever, Anywhere Policies

Most users do not care whether the servers are compliant… they just want to know what the vacation policy is here and when  they take the next assignment in Europe (the European vacation policy is better by the way).  Give them what they need and want anytime and anywhere with Prevalent Policy Portal.

Full Policy Visibility

Prevalent Policy Portal allows you to organize policies based on corporate hierarchy in a central, searchable repository.  This eliminates policy silos that reduce corporate governance effectiveness and increase risk to the organization.

A Complete GRC Solution Starting with Policies

Prevalent Policy Portal CCS Policy Manager Connector creates a link between effective policy management and a complete Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solution with Symantec Control Compliance Suite (CCS). Utilizing CCS as a platform Prevalent Policy Portal can leverage the power of four modular components:

  • > Symantec Control Compliance Suite Policy Manager allows you to define, review, publish, and distribute policies, map controls to policies and report on policy compliance enterprise wide.
  • > Symantec Control Compliance Suite Standards Manager automatically check thousands of technical controls and security standards in programmatic assessments that allow you to demonstrate compliance with greater confidence – and at a much lower cost.
  • > Symantec Control Compliance Suite Response Assessment Manager automates the creation, distribution, and collection of attestation evidence for procedural controls to meet both regulatory and internal compliance mandates.
  • > Symantec Control Compliance Suite Vulnerability Manager enables you to perform end-to-end vulnerability assessments of hosts, databases, Web applications, and managed or unmanaged control systems.





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