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Company Overview: ThinPrint GmbH is an international software manufacturer that specializes in developing print management software solutions in server-based computing environments.  We employ over 125 highly qualified professionals at our headquarters in Berlin, Germany and our offices in Denver, Cleveland and Sydney, Australia.  More than 500 renowned distributors and resellers in over 80 countries market ThinPrint’s products.

Significant value has been gained in our products by generating strategic partnerships with Citrix Systems, Inc., Microsoft, VMware, HP, Wyse, Chip PC, Igel and SEH.
Main Products/Solutions:

RDP Engine 7.0


.print RDP Engine
The solution for small and mid-sized companies that use Microsoft Windows 2003 Terminal Server to simplify their network administration and provide flexible access to company data. In this environment, the .print RDP Engine provides optimal print management and ensures the highest level of flexibility – for instance when setting up home offices or connecting mobile staff.


thin03.jpg thin04.jpg  Experience the difference!
.print Application Server Engine delivers the complete performance spectrum of the ThinPrint .print technology including DRIVER FREE PRINTING and adaptive compression and must be included in every Citrix environment. An extensive feature set guarantees the highest level of security, reliability, and efficiency in print management with the Citrix Presentation Server.



thin05.jpg thin04.jpg You need .print Server Engine
if you are running dedicated print servers in a Citrix environment. The solution enables setup of these servers without sacrifices in functionality. The overall performance spectrum of the .print technology is also available for this architecture. Together with the .print Application Server Engine, print data generated on a print server can also be embedded in the ICA virtual channel.



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